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  • Band of Outsiders

    Band of Outsiders


    Largely pretentious tripe, but it's easy to see how some techniques were inspiring and why Tarantino wanted to copy the dance scene

  • Blair Witch

    Blair Witch


    Not exactly a remake but it does follow similar beats with a few surprises along the way. Adds a few wrinkles to the mythology without screwing too much with what was already there, and integrates updated tech nicely. Hardly as groundbreaking as the first, but you can do a hell of a lot worse, really enjoyed the ride

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  • Godzilla



    Finally got around to this, and enjoyed it immensely. I'm not entirely sure what some people were expecting, but for me it's a great addition to the franchise with some great monster action. Unlike the 1998 film, it also manages to be both internally consistent and it's great to see Godzilla acting in his "saviour of humanity" role against some decent foes as per later Toho films rather than the mindless destructive force of nature. Great fun, although I think I still slightly prefer Pacific Rim in terms of cheesy action - but that's fine because this film deliberately keeps the cheese rather light.

  • The Book of Life

    The Book of Life


    A better than average kids movie, not as good as I'd hoped from Del Toro's involvement but the unique visuals help it along and it does get better the long it goes.