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  • The Thing
  • Videodrome
  • Airplane!
  • Ghostbusters

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  • The Expendables 2


  • The Greatest Night in Pop


  • Raël: The Alien Prophet


  • The Night House


Recent reviews

  • Wolf Guy

    Wolf Guy


    I'd heard enough going in to not expectvan actual werewolf cop, but the invisible tiger attacks and syphilis talk were surprising.

  • Haunted Mansion

    Haunted Mansion


    Not bad exactly, but overlong as ever with so many things and also the Muppets did it better now

Popular reviews

  • Seoul Station

    Seoul Station


    A good enough prequel to the excellent Train To Busan, but I can't help but feel loses something with relatively low fame rate animation (the crowds of running zombies look fairly ropey in comparison the live action film, and that it loses some opportunity to deliver something that couldn't be done outside of the animated format. Well worth a watch, though.

  • Godzilla



    Finally got around to this, and enjoyed it immensely. I'm not entirely sure what some people were expecting, but for me it's a great addition to the franchise with some great monster action. Unlike the 1998 film, it also manages to be both internally consistent and it's great to see Godzilla acting in his "saviour of humanity" role against some decent foes as per later Toho films rather than the mindless destructive force of nature. Great fun, although I think I still slightly prefer Pacific Rim in terms of cheesy action - but that's fine because this film deliberately keeps the cheese rather light.