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  • Funny Games

    Funny Games


    A few weeks ago, I was sitting at my computer writing a review for Straw Dogs. Sam Peckinpah's classic home invasion thriller, which I described as 'a complex and nihilistic piece of work'. I'm wondering if I was just massively naive regarding home invasion thrillers, as Michael Haneke's Funny Games takes Straw Dogs and turns it up to 10.

    From the abrupt opening credits, you can get a sense of exactly what is about to come. Naked City's jazz infused…

  • The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears

    The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears


    The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears is vacuous garbage. Pushing style over substance to the extreme with absolutely no discernible effort to give the viewer anything tangible to hold on too. The influence of giallo cinema is overbearing and displays a complete and utter lack any original thought. Some shots are framed nicely and the art nouveau building is undeniably gorgeous but when it looks you have concocted the entirety of your style in post production, it doesn't leave…

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  • Moonrise Kingdom

    Moonrise Kingdom


    Is Moonrise Kingdom a film about true love, or childhood naivety? I’m hoping for the former but I can’t help but think it’s the latter. Anderson has created such a wonderful, charming film delivering a childlike experience of what we perceive to be our first love but has drenched it with adult issues of infidelity, responsibility and grief. The film is at its core a sad film, a tragedy much like every other Anderson joint. Suzie’s parent’s broken relationship and…

  • Foxcatcher



    Normally I would go into a film completely blind, I've always found that this was for the best as it enables you to react more naturally to the events on screen. However, I went into Foxcatcher knowing the basic premise and found that it added so much to my viewing.

    I'm going to say it now, Bennet Miller's Foxcatcher is one of the greatest sports films of all time. I went in with no expectations, I'm not a sports fan…