Terminator Genisys ★★★½

Definitely the best Terminator film since Judgement Day and a fairly enjoyable film. I was worried, but it pulled through.

A few thoughts:
1. Stop trying to make Jai Courtney happen, Hollywood. Let him disappear like Sam Worthington did.
2. Can we set a movie in and destroy cities other than San Francisco? It's getting a little absurd.
3. Please make JK Simmons the action star happen, Hollywood.
4. I never imagined I'd say it, but I think Arnold Schwarzenegger may actually be a pretty good actor. He and Simmons were probably the best parts of this movie
5. More Jason Clarke. Just... keep him human next time.

Also, fuck the marketing team. Even if that reveal happens less than half-way through the movie, you still spoiled the biggest storyline in the entire movie. Go to hell.