Bambi ★★★

I've always remembered Bambi like this: Bambi is born. Bambi's mother gets shot. Bambi gets comfort from other animals and play with them. Bambi grows up. Hunters comes back. Big fire. The end.

But that wasn't how the story went. I that had looked forward to the reaction from my kid when Bambi's mother dies... Wait, wait. I'm not as evil and sadistic as it may seem (and if I were, I wouldn't have the self-awarness to admit to it), I just wanted the movie to illustrate some things that I'm trying to make him understand. You know, Bambi - Making people vegetarians since 1942, and all that...

... Anyhow, I waited and waited, and waited. And BAM! Finally! And then Bambi's father finally shows some responsibility and my kid found that very comforting. And from now on when we go on our daily walks in the forest, I can point at the hunting towers and say "that's where they sit and wait so they can shoot Bambi's mother"... Nah, that's actually kind of evil, and if one of my few neighbours hears me saying that, I may not be safe in the forest myself. But I will definitely mention this movie if he's not careful around fire.

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