Song of the Sea ★★★★

I'm writing this review now, while my 3-year old son is watching this movie for the fourth time in four days. We've watched it together the first three times. Me translating every line to him. Sometimes in to Swedish, sometimes in to Serbo-Croatian, and some English words he already understands, so I keep them. While watching it now, without me translating everything, he comments on what's happening. Remembering what they're saying. He loves this movie. It was love at first glance. And I feel much the same way. I that thought it would be impossible for me and him to enjoy a movie together while translating while watching. Now I know better, which opens up a whole new world of movies for me to show my kid.

Song of the Sea has elements that we're used to see in children's stories. Like the distant parents and the escape to magical world that reflects the kids' own miserable reality, "the ugly duckling syndrome" and that the journey the kids make is much more an inner one than anything else. And being a believer of that every good children's story should contain a great deal of darkness and seriousness, Song of the Sea offers this as well. The lost of a parent, or two rather, how you deal with grief and emotions in general. How even the most hurtful feelings are a part of life, and of importance when it comes to making the right choices for yourself and others.

What sets Song of the Sea apart though is the style of the animations. I loved the animations in Secret of Kells, and I love them even more in Song of the Sea. They're mesmerizing. And the score is just adding to all of the magic that this movie has to offer.

If I have to mention one bad thing about this movie, it would be that both me and my son found the parts with the fairies in them quite boring, which made the movie drag a bit, but we loved everything else. Right at this moment Ben is jumping on the fairies that are turned into stone. My son is pointing at the witch's house on the screen and says "baba jaga". I translated her to baba jaga, because it being very suting. The owl witch practically being "baba"/the grandmother. And with that I've also managed to learn him some of the mythology from his father's home country. Perfect.

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