Vertigo ★★★★★

A Hitchcock masterpiece and a psychiatrist's wet dream. To cleanse my body and mind from the three lousy movies I've watched the last couple of days, I thought it was a good time to revisit Vertigo; one of my all time favorites.

It feels unnecessary to write anything proper about it, not being able to say anything that haven't been said before. But what I can write is that ever since I saw The Pervert's Guide to Cinema I thought this movie was ruined for me. That I never could watch it again without Zizek's analysis of it. And I was right, at least about the second part. Because sure, Zizek's words went on repeat throughout the movie, but it actually made me see it as a challenge to fit some other pieces together with what Freud have taught us. Not being a bad thing while watching a Hitchcock movie, I must add.

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