Virunga ★★★★

This is not a documentary about gorillas, it's a documentary about how the world works. Natural resources being exploited, money going into the wrong pockets and the people and animals who are left to suffer. In Virunga it just happens to be the gorillas that are near extinction because of human greed and desperation.

Virunga mixes stunning nature photography and interaction with young gorillas at a center with investigation journalism, interviews, hidden camera recordings and real time military conflicts in the area. It's all well put together and the complexity of the problem escalates in just the right speed for you to let everything sink in, ending with you getting really close to the life threatening environment these people and animals live in.

The glimpses of hope are brief, and as you get to know the people fighting for the national park your heart ache even more. Yet we need to stay positive. As long as we know what's going on, there's always hope. And that makes this documentary even more important.

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