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  • Booksmart


    I think I liked this movie, although there was something off about it and I couldn't put my finger on it until I read some other reviews. This movie is too woke. When the serial killer is woke and lecturing the woke main characters about being woke, your movie is too woke.

    Nevertheless, the acting was really good and the movie was entertaining.

  • The Departed

    The Departed

    I forgot how damn good this movie is.

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  • Life



    I wish I had just watched Prometheus or Alien instead. Actually, the Life interviews with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds are more entertaining than the movie itself.

  • Dunkirk


    Excellent movie. Intense, emotional. The way the story is split into three parts and told separately works really well. Hans Zimmer kills it yet again with the music.

    The one criticism I have, which is irritating me on Nolan's recent films, is the volume of the music during dialogue. I first noticed it on The Dark Knight Rises and it wasn't that big of an issue. Then in Interstellar when Michael Caine is revealing how he deceived everyone, which is…