Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter ★★★½

I have stated before that you should never "check your brain at the door" when going to a movie, but in the case of "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, in a way, if you allow yourself to see it within the context of how it is being told you might just have a really fun time. If you go in expecting and demanding any kind of historical accuracy you are simply asking for trouble, as the film makes very little attempt to honor the truth. It should almost come with the tired old disclaimer of "in the Spirit.. of Abraham Lincoln", then it might make things go down a little smoother. Beyond the "reality" of it all is an attempt here to craft a super hero like legend out of our 16th President. What happened behind the scenes? What drove the man? Well it was Vampires, of course. LOL!! Sure, when you consider the concept it is absolutely ridiculous. In this movie however (and I supposed the book as well) this screwy topic is taken deadly serious and mayhem ensues as a young Lincoln bent on destruction and revenge takes on the undead. In all I had a very fun time with it. I love this Director and fully appreciate the heavy stylistics employed to chop off heads, severe arms and drive silver tipped axes deep in to vampires body cavities. There are simply some very amazing set pieces, including a hand to hand romp occurring in the midst of stampeding horses. As usual with Vampire stories they all have their own new rules. They work well here, although I will never get used to Vampires who can walk around in daylight. This is not a GREAT film by any means at all, but it is fun. I appreciate the good time and the occasional surge of patriotism as the North decimates the southern vampire rebellion. This "not-so-honest" Abe story hits all the right "action" beats and will have you wanting more.