Avatar ★★★

I think this is about my 4th time to see Avatar. I keep hoping that maybe this is the time I won't be totally offended and disgusted at it's message. I am completely in love with the artistry and tech of this film, but I am so politically and spiritually disgusted by it that it makes me almost hate it. I don't hate it though. I just disagree with it. So it's a love/hate thing I guess. It distresses me watching this film because I swing so hard while enjoying the lush landscape, but then get offended when we are supposed to cheer against American military vets. Cameron makes his disdain known for the "the big evil corporation" and other conservative theologies. I have no stomach for the moronic EEWYA new age horse-shit.. SOOO DUMB. You may say "it's just sci-fi", but I don't believe Cameron would say that for a second. Cameron's self described hippy tree hugging status fuels this film and lashes out at all things that he deems counter to his ideals. That's fine actually. I champion his voice, that right to express his opinion and his sheer genius at creating amazing, visual art. BUT.. I don't have to agree with what he is saying. During the last battle scene I find myself wanting Quaritch to stick a shive in Jake Sully's guts as he calls him traitor and terrorist. I wish I didn't feel that. I give this film 3 stars for the artists and technicians who poured their guts in to it to create one of the most visually amazing films I have ever seen. Cameron.. meh, go swin in a trench or something.