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    HONESTLY IT REALLLLLY FUCKED ME UP. I can’t even compare this movie to anything else because it’s very original. Basically it’s about this family who gets cloned BUT everyone is cloned in the whole world. Then they make a chain around the whole globe holding hands when the clone has killed their real self. B U T have you noticed how only one of the clones can speak but not the others? Mhmm I’ll let you think. It’s definitely not…

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    I’ve watched this movie maybe three weeks ago. it’s a good movie don’t get me wrong BUT it’s was sort of very generic. It’s was about typical high schoolers trying to finish out the year and they decided to go to parties before they graduate. It had a funny character who was definitely supposed to be comedic relief in some way which (forgot her name I’m so sorry but when you first see her in the movie you’ll know). When…

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