Wendy and Lucy

Wendy and Lucy ★★★★★

I was going to say I didn't need to cry this early in the morning but honestly I feel like I did.
The precarity of Wendy's situation is heartbreakingly real, where one emergency can make everything fall apart in an instant. If this was a reaction to Katrina, it works just as well now as a response to COVID-19 and goes to show that things haven't gotten any materially better in the intervening years. The American Dream has been basically shattered, class mobility is a myth, and those looking to better or enrich their lives are often punished for having the audacity to do so.
I kept thinking I could totally see the Safdies working with this story, but their version wouldn't have nearly the compassionate warmth that Reichardt imbues the film with. It's stressful and emotional, but it's never judgmental or cynical about Wendy. She's simply saddled with a situation from which there's no real escape.

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