Dopesick ★★★★★

Working in an art gallery (that ofc has a Sackler wing), I’ve been aware of the controversy surrounding this family for a long time but never truly understood how deeply and inherently horrible what they did was. The arts is hugely underfunded and always needs money so I stood by the belief that it doesn’t really matter where it comes from as the money has already been made so it may as well be put to good use. But after watching this brilliant series, I’ve realised how wrong I was to think that. The Sacklers are one of the most evil and greedy families in the world and to have their blood money funding arts institutions that are supposed to be inclusive neutral spaces, is not ok at all. 

I think everyone should watch this eye opening and important series. The more people know and truly understand what the Sacklers did, the more they can be brought down. 

Lol I am aware that this is a bit preachy but it’s mad to me how none of them are in prison after killing millions of people! 

Big pharma execs are just corporate drug dealers 💁🏻‍♀️

This was an incredibly well acted, well written and directed show, handling such a sensitive topic in a very conscientious way.

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