Drive My Car

Drive My Car ★★★★½

I missed the first 15 minutes of the movie (I had to drive my car to the theater and arrived late), which was a real bummer. And then I ended up sitting in the very first row, which was another bummer. On the whole, the movie was engaging and well-executed, like clearly it was able to achieve what it was trying to achieve. Don't know if it had to be 3 hours long though...and I wasn't particularly moved at any point (I usually cry at the drop of a hat). Thought the film was befuddling and Murakami-like in its ambiguities - maybe that's why it didn't leave that much of an emotional impression on me? Or maybe missing the first 15 minutes just unsettled me for the rest of the film.

Later, I watched the beginning, along with some other parts, on my computer monitor, and I discovered that I had missed (or not understood) some very key moments of the film, even though I was physically present for them. Weird... Well, still a very impressive film!

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