Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

Soulful and beautiful. Being the type of movie watcher who refuses to take in trailers or spoilers, going in completely blind while watching the film was such a religious experience. This one exceeded my expectations to an immeasurable degree because I initially thought Sound of Metal would be comparable to Her Smell (2018)-- rock artists utterly immersed to their craft to a point of losing themselves in the long run. However, Sound of Metal packages itself with more depth and a more interesting take, that even though I craved for more heavy metal scenes with Ruben playing the drums, I really did not mind the lack thereof. I was so engrossed with Ruben's quest to seek normalcy and solace with the things and the person he loved the most despite losing his hearing (which are playing the drums and his significant other, Lou). This in itself also presents the humane inkling to dedicate oneself in preserving what's left and what's important.

Being a drummer myself, this sure did hit home at some degree. Sound of Metal doesn't merely restrict itself as to what the repercussions are when you overdo your craft, but it sure does give a lesson or two on taking care of the people you love and focusing on the things that are beyond your control. Hopefully, anyone who reads this take tabs on these two important values I've learned from the film. It's good to be reminded once in a while on what’s important.

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