Y Tu Mamá También

Y Tu Mamá También ★★★★½

Surprisingly good. Like, really really good. It might take me days before I completely shut my thoughts down for this film because my expectations were definitely shattered. I wouldn't lie, the main reason why I constantly tried to delay myself from watching Y Tu Mamá También was due to its overly sexual nature based on some reviews I've read. But surprisingly, I didn't find this film too erotic and instead, the amount of depth it has is...fucking astounding.

Y Tu Mamá También doesn't only revel around 2 teenage boys with extremely raging homones, and an olderly woman satiating their desires, but also, it circles around three people coming into terms with life itself. Tenoch and Julio depict and reflect teenage angst and rebelion, as well as their quest on sexual exploration that we all go through. While being in that phase, they come into terms with friendship, loyalty, betrayal, maturity, and angst. Interestingly, Luisa, a grown woman, experiences the same, which goes to show that age differences doesn't dumb down how life has its way of teaching us the same things. All three main characters are highly representative of what the human nature is in its most raw and genuine form.

I love how this film constantly reiterated how there are certain things meant to be left unsaid. Ironically, Y Tu Mamà También is supposed to elucidate liberty, carefreeness, and putting life's problems behind. However, we are constantly reminded by the narrator that behind this façade, there are certain things that are ought to be kept within the confines of our mind.

Finally, Y Tu Mamá También felt like a fever dream. I miss going out and being on adventures with the people I love before the pandemic happened. Once all of this ends, I'm gonna live my life the way Tenoch, Julio, and Luisa did--with no regrets.

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