Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up

I Don't Look Up to this movie at all. I'm rating it half star lower than Free Guy, and that's saying something!

Not actually a review, because ten minutes after finishing it, and while I was making up several paragraphs in my head trying to put into words how much I hated the movie, I finally gave up and decided not to waste more time on this garbage.

Intolerable, disgusting trash. It's totally not the matter of the overused idea and the plot. This movie is just awful to the bone with all its power. The humour is so embarrassing, that somewhere in the middle, I googled it up to make sure whether the comedy genre is really included in the description, or it's just the dialogues and the silly tone. Unfortunately, it turned out to be both. And No, I don't see it as a clever or subtle dark comedy, for it had no more than a stupidly-written dull mindless messy script in the background, that mixed things up in the worst way. You'll have all these mentions of fear, propaganda, media, social and political satire, disqualifications, romantic affairs, government policies, lies, family gathering at the end of the world, etc etc, and not even one is paid appropriately. To put it in nutshell, if you want to experience 145 minutes of boredom and exhaustion with absolutely no message or point or entertainment delivered, consider this a perfect choice.

Enough of giving explanations. Let me give you an alternative for this movie instead: If you want to see how sneaky comedy is cleverly fitted in an apocalyptic story (and if you've already seen the great Dr. Strangelove), watch Miracle Mile (1988). Brilliant movie. Won't disappoint.

I'll go try to forgive myself for picking this to watch for today, over Wes Anderson's latest feature.

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