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Every movie is a horror movie. I don't always mention it in reviews, because it's true of all the movies.

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  • The Flying Luna Clipper

    The Flying Luna Clipper



  • Class Action Park

    Class Action Park


    This movie drags at 90 minutes. It's about as insightful as interviewing any three reviewers here on Letterboxd about Action Park. Pick your favorite b-roll early so you can cheer for it every time it gets re-used.

    That sounds a little harsh, but I think the filmmakers' difficulty making an interesting movie is meant to be a major theme. Otherwise why would they have included multiple clips of interview subjects saying they won't share their most interesting stories? Failure is…

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  • Wind River

    Wind River


    Hawkeye continues to mentor the Scarlet Witch (here using the winking pseudonym "Jane Banner"), this time in dealing with the casual horror regular humans are capable of perpetrating on one another. It's a little unclear whether this takes place before or after Civil War, although my money's on before if they're operating under the auspices of the federal government.

    It's refreshing to have one of these smaller, quieter side stories without Robert Downey Jr. zooming in to save the day every few minutes. Sometimes a regular man with impeccable target shooting skills is enough.

  • It



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Too much of a muchness. The actors playing The Losers did great work, but the movie stops being creepy or suspenseful once you realize the monster attacks in every scene. There must be a better way to convey the toll taken on these poor kids by relentless magical attacks than by battering the audience with the same thing. (Lucky thing it decides to leave them alone when they're at their weakest as a group!) It's a real breath of fresh…