Chasing the Sun: March Around the World 2019

Going to give it another (likely incomplete) go with Lise's "March Around the World" challenge this year, after enjoying the part of the 2017 challenge I completed immensely.

Lise's rules are quite simple:
1. Feature films only (over 60 minutes); no short films.
2. First-time viewings only; no re-watches.
3. One film must be from the featured country (this year, it's Russia).
4. Tag films with the "30 countries 2019" tag as well as the film's country.
5. Review the film at any time during the month of March.
6. Most importantly, forget the rules. Just watch some foreign films in March. Do log them though, and try to review.

Thanks to Lise for putting the challenge together yet again, and good luck and happy watching to all participants!

#1 - Burning (South Korea)
#2 - Climax (France)

NOTE: Countries are listed in the notes.