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  • Moods of the Sea

    Moods of the Sea

    Moods of the Sea emerges from a cave in the cliffs with the sea finding its way in to sweep us out into the world; it reveals the serene stillness and foaming whirls of waves and some of the creatures that ride them, all set to Felix Mendelssohn’s Fingal’s Cave (The Hebrides). The title credits refer to the film as a “pictorial fantasy” with the visuals cut to and weave in the music revealing more a mood and atmosphere of…

  • At Land

    At Land

    At Land finds a woman who was thrown to land by the sea navigating her way through a dreamscape of dinner parties, chess on the beach, and intensely staring mustachioed man who is under some blankets. At Land (1944), a silent B&W 15 minute short and another collaboration with Alexander Hamid as cinematographer, feels whimsical compared to Deren’s mirror-faced nightmare that was Meshes of The Afternoon (1943). Meshes, set in one location of a house and the surrounding area, has…

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  • Meet Marlon Brando

    Meet Marlon Brando

    There is a paradox built in the title and premise of Meet Marlon Brando. A charming short doc by Albert and David Maysles, Meet Marlon Brando follows Brando as he navigates through an all day marathon of press interviewers for the movie Morituri (1965). The Maysles brothers capture the day in a rough, observational way (full of noticeable zooms and pans to reframe and follow the conversations, shot in gritty B&W, and no music) that creates the sensation that you…

  • Boogie Nights

    Boogie Nights

    with pta commentary