A surprisingly good romp into the origin of a villain? I guess Venom is a villain. Right? He is in the Spider-Man cartoon I watched as a kid but in this movie he's stopping a worse bad guy. Even anti-hero feels like a stretch. I dunno. Joker felt like a movie about someone becoming villainous and reprehensible while Venom is basically a superhero movie with a more fun than usual main guy. Hell even Deadpool feels like a more morally gray character than Venom.

Anyway aside from driving home how much this doesn't feel like a villain story I really enjoyed it. It took me by surprise that the character I like most is the actual Venom symbiote. They really nailed the personality on that thing. It's got the jokes and is very straightforward with what it wants. I especially enjoy how it interacts with Eddie and sort of speaks his mind for him. It makes for a character dynamic so fun that I don't mind whatever accent Tom Hardy is trying to do in this.

The effects and tricks they pull off with how Venom moves and interacts with the world really got me going. The way it stretches and shape shifts seemingly to all directions at once really give it a nice feel of just how alien it is. I tend to forget that when it just forms a suit and resorts to slapping goons around though that is fun too. Basically any time Venom takes control of a situation is fun to watch and the most fun for me is how Eddie reacts basically as someone taken for a ride at first. It adds to that character dynamic without having to say much.

Oh! The love interest lady was a badass too! They made her like ready to kick ass just as part of her character and not like shoehorned in to be like "girls can fight too" like she actually feels like she can be a hardass from the start. Loved that.

The "villain" was pretty weak. I dunno man. I liked Riz Ahmed in the HBO series The Night Of but this type of character just kinda felt wrong for him. Between this and Rogue One I'm starting ti be less excited when I see him in other things. They just don't make you care about what his guy is doing at all. Even crap villains in other Marvel stuff like the hornet guy in Ant-Man or Mickey Rourke in Iron Man had like something to them. This guy in Venom is just human Elon Musk and no one is interested in that!

Real solid for the most part. Dumb bad guy but you don't need the strongest bad guy showing for an origin story. Also they're CLEARLY saving the good bad guy for the next movie so that's hype. Do recommend if you unabashedly enjoy capeshit LIKE I DO