Hugo ★★★

All fluff and nothing more. Hugo seemed more like Scorsese wanted to make a tribute to movies and had a visual style he's wanted to play with for a while, but no good way to put them together. The opening shot is simply fantastic but you never really get anything with the same sense of wonder and awe in the rest of the package which is a shame. The visuals are phenomenal and some of the acting is solid, but the story failed to make me care about anyone. There were too many moments where characters chose to not talk and leave the scene instead of easily resolving the problem and Hugo being intent on discovering his purpose in life and a message his dad supposedly left him just didn't feel fleshed out enough for me to care. I understand the movie is based on a book which means you can’t really deviate much from the source material, but I definitely think if the film had focused on Michael Stuhlbarg’s character instead it would have been a much better film.