Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★½

Caught this movie in theaters last night... and god damn Guy Ritchie?!
On the surface this plot is so safe yet Guy Ritchie makes a few bold decisions directing. Certain tonal shifts etc. are slightly odd, but it’s clear Guy Ritchie knew he would have to sacrifice certain aspects to nail the most impactful stuff for this story.
This film is some seriously dark shit almost like a high-quality Call of Duty cut-scene yet Ritchie’s style is able to add a level of irony and philosophy.
Jason Statham is incredible in this film both dramatically, in stunts, and perfectly timed dark humor. It’s hard to explain the uniqueness of this film, because every scene Guy Ritchie is playing with shit like a kid in a candy shop. There are multiple camera angles that I’ve never even seen used before. Title cards, insider insiders, non-linear progression... this movie has a lot going on. It takes a strangely realistic approach that helps and hurts it at times, but the makes the action outstanding. Also shoutout post Malone he was kind of great.

It has a chunk of story telling gaps but overall was a visceral blast.