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  • Perfect



    A great study in incredibly crude film making.

  • Annihilation



    It is not some poetic lack of specification, like Stalker, it is more of a mixture of several worlds (body snatchers, event horizon, 2001, etc) which I don't particularly like because it doesn't amount to much sense as a whole and reduces the audience to a very passive role of "yeah, but it was a nice spectacle."

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  • Boyhood



    From the department of unpopular opinions...

    It's amazing. Not the movie, which is good, but the universal praise it has gathered.

    The 12 years/same cast approach (note that I don't say gimmick, I think it's legitimate) that drove most people into the theater has taken the back seat to an even more rare phenomenon: universal praise. After all, the n years/1 cast approach has been done before. However neither the Antoine Doiniel series nor "56 and up" did 100% in…

  • Gravity


    How can anything this technically accomplished be so tragically weak?