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  • An Ideal Husband

    An Ideal Husband


    The scenes, including the opening one, in that technicolor Gigi boulevard really throw me off, which is unfair because the hated Gigi came a decade after this adaptation of the excellent Wilde play.

    Shaw was right in defending the play in general and Wilde's epigrams in particular which abound in the play. Modern adaptations fail when they make the play more "serious" by cutting them off. By 1894, and certainly by now, there was a meta character to them and…

  • Mannequin



    Joan Crawford is the best.

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  • Disobedience



    So afraid of pissing off any one group, this shining example of narrative cowardice in an era of identity politics ends up saying nothing.
    Everyone is a good guy and at the end the only bad people are cardboard minor characters who throw horribly stale cliches at the dinner table: "why dont you marry, Rachel Weisz? Is the way things should be!"

    To tie it all together the music is as light handed as that scene in "to die for" where Nicole Kidman's character is at her husband's funeral, pulls out a boom box and plays "all by myself."

  • Boyhood



    From the department of unpopular opinions...

    It's amazing. Not the movie, which is good, but the universal praise it has gathered.

    The 12 years/same cast approach (note that I don't say gimmick, I think it's legitimate) that drove most people into the theater has taken the back seat to an even more rare phenomenon: universal praise. After all, the n years/1 cast approach has been done before. However neither the Antoine Doiniel series nor "56 and up" did 100% in…