Gone in Sixty Seconds ★★★½

Nicholas Cage's retired car thief 'Memphis' Raines comes out of retirement to save his younger brothers life after it's threatened by a mobster. After that it's pretty much a checklist of cliche's -

*Love interest Memphis left behind - check
*Bitter younger brother who thinks he was abandoned by hero older brother - check
*Cop with a personal grudge - check
*Crew that have gone straight and drop everything to help - check
*Revelation that changes little brothers mind about abandonment - check
*Lots of cars - check

At the end of the day this film is car porn, plain and simple, the dialogue is clunky, the chemistry between the leads is pretty much non-existent, and the budget for the effects seems to have been blown entirely on the chase scene in the dockyard because the cgi on the bridge jump is awful. Despite all this Gone in Sixty Seconds remains a guilty pleasure of mine but the cars are the stars and the 1967 Shelby GT500 is a work of art.