The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★★

The Mitchells vs. The Machines an animated adventure family comedy movie directed by feature film debutant Micheal Rianda. He worked as a creative director on Gravity Falls. The movie is produced by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller whose previous work includes the Academy Award-winning film "Spider-man Into the Spider-Verse", "Cloudy with the Chance of Meatballs", and comedies "21 Jump Street", "22 Jump Street". This movie is produced by Sony Animation and Netflix purchased streaming rights for the film.

The movie plot is very simple, the protagonist is a film nerd who wants to attend film school and her dysfunctional family or more particularly her dad and she ain't on good terms. So Mitchell's family decide to take a road trip to fix the relationship before she leaves for film school and that plan gets interrupted by evil robots who plan to invade the human species. The story is pretty cool and it is very emotional at times than I expected it to be. I connected at some parts of the story because I'm from a dysfunctional family myself. It's really well made I wasn't expecting that. 

Every character has their time to shine in this movie which I really liked. There are some scenes in this movie that are super well crafted. The Furby scene is hilarious as fuck and the scene felt like a serious horror clip and gosh the Furby language had me cracking up every time. The entire mall scene is super dope, creative and super thrilling to watch. Like the character in the movie said Dawn of the Dead Vibes. Get in there, Snyder !!!! Animation is freaking gorgeous and the movie has good pacing I wasn't bored at all. The voice acting is top tier in my opinion from Olivia Coleman to Maya Rudolph they nailed their voice acting. Also, this movie crew made sure every little detail of the movie is well done and hilarious. Like that where we can see a lot of Easter eggs to a lot of popular movies such "Portrait of idiot on Fire", "Fear and loathing in central MI", "Katie and Aaron", "Dogtown", "Dial B for Burger", "The Perks of having only one friend" those are super funny I died laughing. Also, Aaron's search history is hysterical. The complete Stand out in this movie particularly are the dog and two robots and trust me they absolutely steal the spotlight with their humour. 

For me all of the present references worked and were funny expect for the cat filters it was a bit meh for me more like why? and also stickers during some parts of movie was a bit turn off. During the last part mom character turning into Super Saiyan goku was super over the top. I didn't very much connect with Katie character or her aspirations to be honest I love films and want to be filmmaker but she is just more into pop culture and too mainstream which I hate and also many people in film schools hate. All she does are the parodies which are great but don't get me wrong entire effort of getting into film school is that? I didn't like that being misinterpreted it's just a minor negative for me. I felt she's not more like a filmmaker. 

All in all, the Lord and Miller never disappoint when it comes to producing movies. They absolutely do their best at it and we can witness that in their craft. They deserve more respect for making movies that are above Disney/Pixar level. This movie isn't Lord and Miller best work and I think only Spiderverse 2 can stand a chance to dethrone that but this film does everything good with some hiccups here and there. It's a really well made fun, emotional, comedy and gorgeously animated movie to come out in recent years. 

"I'm here to bust criminals and lick my own butt. And I'm all outta criminals"

"Brother, What is Death?"

Rating: A-

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