BlacKkKlansman ★★★

This is an odd movie. Great story, performances, and style, but lots of weird technical choices, inconsistent pacing, and just generally kinda messy.

And the most fucking heavy-handed, forced “winks” to Trump throughout this thing. I put winks in quotations because the characters might as well have turned to the camera, waved, and said “Hey, did you know Trump is racist?” Like yes, we get it, that’s why we’re here to see this movie. That wasn’t forced enough? You want literal footage of Trump at the end? Very bizarre choice.

But you can feel the passion and anger behind this, and the stark recognition of how little things have changed. I just wish the movie, on a technical level, could capture that passion more. There’s some spark missing here.

Still mostly liked it though. Oh well. Nothing changes.

Adam Driver instantly improves any movie he appears in. He’s magical. 

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