Snow White and the Huntsman ★★★

There's a lot to like in this but wow, some of it stinks bad.

It looks tremendous with some real visual flair and you can tell that the director has a background in advertising as it's full of the kind of high concept stuff you'd expect in some fancy hugely expensive perfume or car ad. Out of the cast, Stewart is by far the worst. Looking through her filmography, I haven't seen any of her films since Panic Room so can't comment on her Bella-ness but she has virtually no charisma and there's frequent shots of her emoting that are very tittersome. I think Hemsworth is turning into a fine leading man and he does well here as a rough around the edges Jock, both Theron and Sam Spruell (complete with SPECTACULAR haircut) ham it up very nicely as the vaguely incestous evil siblings. The dwarves are fantastic and aren't utilised nearly enough, superb casting too - I didn't know who any of them where before going in so for the first couple of minutes I thought they'd found some "little people" who looked remarkably like Eddie Marsden and Toby Jones :lol: Very impressive effects to get them looking as they do.

The final third is almost all terrible. It starts taking itself WAY (WAY) too seriously and there's several unintentional laughs. Stewart becomes even more unlikeable and it's beyond one pretty bad-ass SFX battle the conclusion stinks. I've probably been spoilt by the last Game of Thrones episode but for something that covers similar ground, complete with "rousing" speech (albeit with no mention of fucking them in the arse) it's far worse in every respect with no tension or real excitement.

The 2nd, completely pointless love interest is as much as a personality vacuum as Snow White too and adds nothing, beyond appealing to the teenage crowd. There's no real attachment with any of the characters so there's several moments that fall really flat. You can obviously pick the plot to shreds too but that's to be expected for something based around a fairytale.

I'd probably recommend seeing it if you've liked the look of the pre-release material as there's plenty to enjoy but don't expect it all to go down the right way.