Jon Walmsley

Just from 2018 onwards. I'll be buggered if I'm looking back through everything I've ever watched!

Favorite films

  • Zombie Flesh Eaters
  • Blood and Black Lace
  • The Big Lebowski
  • Inside

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  • F9


  • Pompeii


  • Top Gun


  • Senior Year


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  • F9



    It's alright. Takes an age to get going though and the plot is your basic 'different parties all hunting the same MacGuffin' with lots of added Fast & Furious 'all about the family' annoying shit.

    But it was ok. Some great set pieces and effects shots, beautiful locations and all the characters got a decent amount to do (unlike several entries in this series).

    I'd probably put it one notch above #6, but it doesn't come close to the greats of the franchise (1, 5, 7, 8, H&S)

  • Pompeii



    My favourite bit was when Kiefer Sutherland shouted "YOU BITCH" at a woman, which I'm sure it's an entirely historically accurate phrase from 79 A.D.

    Anyway, this is nowhere near as terrible as I expected. I mean, it's certainly not a *good* film but there's plenty to enjoy. Lots (lots) of swordfights. Some ludicrous abs. Hilarious dialog (unintentionally, I assume). And epic destruction too. Eventually.

    Actually, the destruction stuff was my least favourite part as it was so greenscreen and…

Popular reviews

  • The Mansion

    The Mansion


    Rather enjoyed this one. The characters were all great fun (if clichéd) and although the story of 'friends go off to an abandoned building for a party and slowly get killed by mysterious being' isn't the most original, it was really well done.

    It was pretty funny in places too, although some of the jokes were obvious and dated.

    But really, it looked great - some fantastic lighting and sets here, it was good fun, and didn't go in an expected direction. A nice little light-comedy horror worth checking out.

  • The Sadness

    The Sadness


    Man, I reckon writer / director Rob Jabbaz is probably on some government lists, because dude is pretty fucked up.

    This was a wild, bloody, darkly funny gorefest the likes of which we rarely see these days. I had a blast with it.

    I mean, it's gore for gore's sake and just tries to be as extreme as possible, but then that's kind of the essence of exploitation cinema, so why not?

    The gore effects are just superb. Loads of…