Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★

THOR: RAGNAROK shouldn’t work. It’s super weird, zany and tonally it’s completely separate from the rest of the MCU…but it does work. THOR: RAGNAROK is an explosion of joy, humour, and balls to the wall insanity that I enjoyed from start to finish.

It manages to combine creative, over the top action set-pieces, impressive character work and hilarious, almost parody-esque gags whilst never losing a sense of the stakes (which are huge) but still feel personal.

In previous MCU films I’ve complained that they were too focused on laughs at the expense of any sort of stakes and tension and THOR: RAGNAROK could easily fall into that same trap, but it rarely does. I was never taken out of the film. And that’s due to the immense work of Taika Waititi, who fully commits to the comedy aspects of the film. He’s crafted possibly the funniest film in the MCU. In fact, Taika manages to steal the show in his own film, with his character being an instant favourite.

If you like WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS and the short films leading up to this film then you will love this. I love that Marvel have allowed Taika Waititi to make a Taika Waititi film…that just so happens to be set in the MCU.

I had a blast with this. I was thoroughly entertained throughout, and it might just be my favourite superhero film of the year in what has already been a great year for the genre.

GG Marvel, well played. You keep doing your thing and I’ll keep enjoying your movies.

P.S. Cate Blanchett can overthrow my world and make me worship her like the goddess she is any day of the week. Girl’s still killin’ it.

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