Frances Ha ★★★½

About Time showed me some really interesting traits that it sadly never pursued as it was busy cooking up a dull rom-com. But that didn't made me forget those rambling, inconsequential and to a certain extent, pointless, first 30 minutes of the film. They had their own charm, if watched through a specific lens, one that expects events, not stories, that expects the character's reality, not the story's.

And Frances Ha, in a way, feels like that's precisely what it is, those traits that About Time showed me just glimpses of, seems to be what this film's really pursuing, allowing the main character to just go out of the way for a while, and just let her be—which really, is exactly what this film needs; how could we feel the conflicting sentiments Frances is going through if the film didn't give her the space to just live her own life? that's precisely what adds an entire dimension to the character, and striping the film out of this rambling, inconsequential narrative, is what would've turned it in a dull and conventional film.

Sure, it can be seen as a boringly rambling film by some, but sometimes just following a characters' life can be quite charming (if done well) and the reason a film works.