BlacKkKlansman ★★★★½

BlacKkKlansman is easily one of Spike Lee's best joints and nicely fuses or perhaps balances out his two sides - the polemicist and the entertainer - in one package. Seems Spike has become too liberal establishment for some more radical critics like Boots Riley, especially in how he elevates policeman as hero, but Spike was never the revolutionary that scared liberal audiences around the time of Do the Right Thing. He was always more the reformist working to change the studio system from within and, when he is at his best, like here, he is working within the confines of established genre parameters (the buddy detective/undercover film in this case). And so you can see how he identifies with the protagonist's dilemma. And just when you think the movie hits a light fantasy tone at the end, it has the most shattering postscript.