Us and Them

Us and Them ★★★½

Easily dismissed as a derivative pastiche of Trainspotting-era Danny Boyle with a dash of Tarantino filtered through Michael Haneke's Funny Games. But it's far better than how that sounds, especially in how it captures contemporary working class rage so well and riffs on 60s left-wing agitprop at a time when working class rage has been largely coopted by fascist-tinged right-wing nationalistic populism (and as such harkens back more to films like Lindsay Anderson's If....) . The third act falls apart but I can forgive that. And, damn, I had no idea that Tim Roth's kid could act (or even that he had a kid who is an actor). Besides being his doppelgänger, he's got the same nervous energy of his father in his younger years. Damn, he's good.

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