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  • Mad Max 2

    Mad Max 2


    Take every aspect of the film Mad Max and amp it up by 1000 and you get Mad Max 2. One of the greatest action films of all time.

  • Mad Max

    Mad Max



    P.S. Don’t make Max mad.

  • The Godfather: Part III

    The Godfather: Part III


    Why Puzo and Coppola thought that the relationship between Andy Garcia and Sofia Coppola was as good idea is beyond my comprehension. 

    Why Coppola thought casting his inexperienced daughter in a substantial role in one of the most (if not THE most) anticipated sequels of all times is way beyond me. 

    There are so many factors that could have been improved or prevented to make this a really GREAT film like its predecessors. Robert Duvall should have been paid and…

  • Patch Adams

    Patch Adams


    So, to begin, I really don’t get how so many people on this site HATE a film with both Robin Williams and Phillip Seymour Hoffman in it when we have no more films to ever enjoy with them in it ever again. I read a review on here where someone said they watched it because of PSH being in it and the only salvageable thing about the film was the actor himself. He’s in the same film all of the…

  • The Magnificent Seven

    The Magnificent Seven


    Dude, Bronson is jacked in this! And I’ve never seen Seven Samurai.

  • Dick Tracy

    Dick Tracy


    It looks amazing and I love Madonna and the songs she sings in the film. The biggest problem with the film is that Warren Beatty is about 15 years too late to be starring in this. He’s a distraction and not a good one. The makeup and practical effects are rad and still hold up.

  • The Getaway

    The Getaway


    The first twenty mins of this is boring as hell and made me to believe that I wouldn’t like any of this. But it picks up and gets good as soon as the double cross is revealed.

    The scenes with Rudy, Harold, and Fran are so bizarre and really kind of darkly hilarious. And Slim Pickens at the end of the film is also really funny. 

    It’s beautifully shot and has plenty of action as well as a few laughs here and there. Definitely recommend if your in the mood for it.

  • Clerks



    The Navy Seals joke in the video store is the only one that still lands.

  • The Natural

    The Natural


    The older I get, the less I love this. It’s way too long. But when it is supposed to hit you, it really fucking hits you. And in the best ways possible. The cast is incredible though and it still is one of my favorite baseball films of all time.

  • Jaws: The Revenge

    Jaws: The Revenge


    This isn’t the worst Jaws film. I’ll start with that. It’s a fucking mess, with the shark and the mom Brody being linked together mentally somehow. Mario van Peebles doing a terrible accent and the shark looking worse than it ever has. But! But the film actually looks great and has, arguably, the best cast since the original. It also doesn’t take the cake for the dumbest of the franchise, that of course, goes to part three. Nor is it…

  • Idiocracy



    This works for about twenty mins and then gets boring and stupid real quick. Oh, and here’s me ripping off some ladies lame ass review of this that I saw on here, “this ain’t it”. Whatever the fuck that means.

  • Happy Gilmore

    Happy Gilmore


    Watched it with my five year old which, I really think, is the best audience for this film. He loved it. I quoted it. It ended. The end.