• Dogfight



    Taylor and Phoenix turn a mediocre film into something incredibly charming and sweet.

  • Hubie Halloween

    Hubie Halloween


    Absolutely dreadful.

  • Beverly Hills Cop III

    Beverly Hills Cop III


    The nail in the coffin of Landis’s film career. I don’t think anyone wants to be here and this feels nothing like a Beverly Hills Cop movie.

  • When a Stranger Calls

    When a Stranger Calls


    Worth the price of admission for the first twenty minutes and Tony Beckley. The middle section sags but only because the first third of the movie is so good.

  • Saw III

    Saw III


    Not for me. I don’t know who this is for and I don’t want to judge but I absolutely don’t get it. 
    I find nothing entertaining or even scary about this. It’s just really unpleasant. Maybe I’m just soft.

  • Big Daddy

    Big Daddy


    A man who acts like a five year old inherits a five year for a week and hilarity ensues. The biggest joke is that we are meant to believe that Adam Sandler’s character in this film went to law school.

  • Lords of Dogtown

    Lords of Dogtown


    Hirsch is good. Ledger is good. But I don’t think I know any more about these kids after watching this than I did before.
    Also, calm down with the soundtrack. There doesn’t need to be a 70s classic rock track playing every second of the film.

  • It



    I still enjoy this over the remake. Curry is really great. Curry is the reason the remake was as successful as it was. Kids that grew up on this flocked to see that as adults. 
    Really not much else to praise here. Harry Anderson is pretty awful. The monster at the end looks terrible. The second part of the film doesn’t work as well as the first. I’m not writing anything new or groundbreaking with this review. 
    I’ve always said…

  • Love and Death

    Love and Death


    Some decent one liners here and there. Keaton is really funny in this one. Also, Strickland from Back to the Future plays Napoleon Bonaparte!!

  • Hot Rod

    Hot Rod


    GOD! I go to church every god damn Sunday! You gonna bring the demons outta me? I'm freakin' pumped! I been drinkin' green tea all goddamn day!


  • Click



    My favorite Sandler flick that isn’t directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. I know it’s trash but that last half an hour hits me like a ton of bricks. This one has emotion that other Sandler flicks just don’t. I saw it in the theater and it still works for me today.

  • The Conjuring 2

    The Conjuring 2


    Cut thirty minutes out of this. The middle section can be chopped up without disrupting the story. Make it a tighter hour and 40 minutes and you have a better film. There is some good stuff in here, some genuinely creepy jump scares. But god damn does it drag in spots.