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  • Zappa


    like zappa's music, often overly manipulated to an aesthetically questionable and sometimes irritating degree, but compelling nonetheless.

    I liked what one of the interviewees said about how zappa had the adoration of the freaks and the avant garde intellectuals, and lost everyone in between.

    I'm probably never going to be able to truly appreciate the abrasive and cacophonous breadth of his work beyond his most affecting and memorable tunes, but he's an interesting figure. any artist would find this doc filled with provocative concepts to engage with.

  • Paradise Lost 2: Revelations

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  • Leaving Neverland

    Leaving Neverland


    I went to Neverland Ranch in 2003, around the time the court cases were going on. I was about 13. It wasn’t a special invite from MJ or anything. It was for a Disney premiere screening of “Pirates of the Carribean” that my dad pulled an invite to. Not sure why they held a big event there while Jackson was AWOL dealing with the allegations, but uh, there we were.

    Anyway, you get there and you get on a little…

  • Fyre Fraud

    Fyre Fraud


    Fyre Fest docs are my new favorite genre of cinema