The Irishman

The Irishman ★★★★

That epilogue tho.

Everyone’s gonna come away from this film remembering the epilogue. A lot of it felt like getting through some of the weaker sopranos storylines, but the epilogue will be what distinguishes this film from the others.

solid film tho. It’s Scorsese and he hasn’t lost his touch. Voice over is killer. Plenty of levity. Some of it will def stay with me. Just hard to imagine myself wanting to revisit what feels like a 3.5 hour morose expression of conscience and guilt.

Great performances, anti-aging aside. not a fan of the CGI avatar faces when you clearly have the body, voice, and disposition of a very old man. Especially the more violent and physically demanding scenes. Really difficult for me to get past it and try to see what it was aiming for.

Also, it seems pretty clear the actual title of this movie is I HEARD YOU PAINT HOUSES, so I will only refer to it as such.

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