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  • The King Of Minami

    The King Of Minami


    if crime hunter was the first v-cinema movie king of minami was the one that popularized the v-cinema a work with riki scamming the yakuza that led to 60 sequels many of those released in cinemas a very important movie for the v-cinema for me It is surprising how important it is and how much it changed the career of riki even so it is not a masterpiece it is a good movie recommended to fans of riki or v-cinema maybe if you are not familiar with these two terms the movie is not from your liking

  • Yakuza's Law

    Yakuza's Law


    I really like the creativity of the tortures
    -A rope and a helicopter
    -they gouge out a guy's eyes
    -they open a guy hand with a machine
    -a "couple" is buried in cement and thrown into the sea
    -they burn a guy's forehead
    -They put a traitor in a car with a machine to smash vehicles
    -they burn a guy's face with a lighter

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