Alien Resurrection ★★★

This franchise is......fascinating, especially the first four installments as they hop from director to director doing their own spins on it.

Scott's started out as a basic well done survival film with an incredibly deadly creature, Cameron's is a shoot'em up action flick revolving means of stopping the creature, Fincher's is back to basics with an added spin of his own, and now Jeunet gives us.......this

Simultaneously exactly and not at all what you'd expect a French director handling this franchise to be like, since it wavers around tones and genres to the point of causing whiplash several times, acting raging from decent to confusing to down right terrible (Winona Ryder is still queen, tho, even if she's not exactly at her peak here), direction that's aggressively in your face and sprawling (tho, to be fair, there are plenty of moments here that are pretty well handled in that regard), and the script well.......

Okay, from what I know, Fox completely destroyed what Joss had put together here, but even then, I can't exactly picture what exactly this was supposed to be vs what Fox wanted it to be, and the results we get is this confused mishmash of parts that never full come together, resulting in something that's equally messy as the creatures in it.....

Though, the effects on those creatures (aside from the borderline horrifying CGI) are pretty good and genuinely unnerving to look at (some of the stuff in the last act is gonna stick with me for a long ass time), and some of the ideas here like the whole mad scientist toying with these creatures is kinda neat, even if it only acts more as a means of setting up ways to slaughter people and more confusing sequences of actors mugging it to the camera and saying terrible dialogue...

IDK, this experience and I'm probably scarred for life, but I guess I enjoyed it?

(add that to the long list of reasons why i have terrible taste)

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