Nerve ★★★★

A little dare turns into a city worth of watchers and people doing stupid shit for the sake of making some good hard cash. A night full of neon, dubstep, synth, and two attractive people wandering the big city, waiting for their next dare.

It feels a lot like a video game while maintaining a cinematic edge to keep it engaging. The direction is a lot of fun, with some colorful angles and various lenses to create a unique way to film a good amount of the action without it being as much of a distraction as I expected it to be.

A sequence involving a motorcycle dare is especially fun to watch in that regard as well as another involving stolen clothes. There's a lot going on without it being confusing, and the two leads work off each other well to keep the pace moving along.

Granted, some of the dialogue is a bit cringy (mostly by the mother in the first five minutes ((ps: that actress is pretty terrible too)), and it will probably be dated in about a decade, yet it doesn't seem to care in that regard.

Reminds me a lot of an 80s film, in the sense that it fully embraces its era without shame and has fun with its target audience as it gives them what they wanted to see.

So yeah, is it really a movie that deserves this high of a rating? Probably not, but fuck it, I rate mostly on enjoyment, and I enjoyed the fuck out of this movie.

(P.S: I'm sorry for doubting you, Logan Kenny. You're still wrong about "Jem" tho.)

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