Resident Evil: Extinction ★★★½

Now this! This is more like it! While not nearly as fun to watch as the original, "Resident Evil: Extinction" is a massive improvement from the lackluster "Apocalypse". Actually, come to think of it, why wasn't this one called "Apocalypse"? Because, you know? THIS ONE ACTUALLY TAKES DURING THE APOCALYPSE! Aw, who cares anyway?

Taking us as far away from the bland blue city of Racoon and instead heads for the sandy deserts of Las Vegas was probably the best choice to make, since it makes for a much more fun setting for our characters to play around with it.

Another stellar choice was to replace whatever the fuck his name who directed the second one with Russell Mulcahy of "Highlander" fame to get behind the camera. His work here has nothing on W.S Swift and overall energetic direction from the original, but he doesn't seem to really try to recapture that and instead goes the route of a " 'Mad Max' but with zombies" way of movie making, which is obviously the best idea to do.

It doesn't have as much of a fast pace or focus on action for the most part as it does mostly on small placed set pieces for zombie slaughters and more red shirts to kill off in many, MANY ways. This probably has the best production value out of all of the movies thus far, with lush cinematography and some lovely costume and set designs.

Oh, and Alice has Jedi/Matrix powers now. Don't worry, they never explain it, so just roll with the awesome image of a sandy Milla Jovovich beating the ever living shit out of zombies with those very powers.

Yeah, that's what I thought.

As far as issues go, it's pretty thin in terms of plot and a lot of the acting from the cast is still bland, and I'd be lying if I said the final battle was a bit anti-climaxed, but whatever, it's nothing THAT deal breaking.

Plus there's zombie dogs, AND CROWS! What's not to like!?

"Resident Evil: Extinction" isn't the best movie in the world nor as enjoyable as the original, but it still makes for a solid time killer.

Check it out if you're curious.