Rubber ★★★½

I can't tell if this ironically pretentious and condescending as fuck or just plain pretentious and condescending. It's legit hard to tell half of the time, because for every moment it tells us that everything happens for no reason, it's followed by the audience in the actual film criticizing it for it, and well, they end up suffering the worse fate.

So either it's a clever satire on expecting something to be trash and having it actually try to be something else and hating it because of that or simply a bitter French dude trying to prove he's better than the viewers expecting something else.

It's like taking a script clearly going for the tone of "From Dusk Till Dawn" and handing to someone direct it in the same tone as "Dogtooth". It has it's moments of genuine funny/shocking imagery, but ends up having it's head so far its own ass it's hard to tell if even its in on the joke anymore.

Still an enjoyable enough experience, especially with friends.

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