Se7en ★★★★½

What's something you'd all classify as a "great" movie? It's something I often think about when it comes to reviewing and it's why I tend to avoid using the term when talking about some, because there are some (if not all) of my cases that stem mostly from personal enjoyment/entertainment than legitimate quality. However, there are some cases where I'm watching something and say to myself little way in, "damn, this is a great movie."

That moment of realization, in the case of "Se7en" (its incredibly dumb title aside), was about half way through when an on foot chase begins between Freeman and Pitt trying to capture someone who attempted to shoot them. When Howard Shore's (excellent) score began beating down like a rushing heart beat framed with Fincher and Khondji's expert control behind the camera capture the isolation of the hallways and adrenaline of being so close to the end of this disturbed killer's hijinks all feel as if there was a lot of time and effort put into every footstep, camera placement, and sound effect, almost as if the killer himself, obsessed with details and covering his tracks, was the person creating this tale for us to witness.

And for a film made in 1995, it's impeccable how well its held up after all these years. Looks like something that would have come out at least a couple years ago if not a bit more recent. The slick, crisp cinematography paired with wonderfully paced mystery between two great actors diving deep into their characters, all of it has aged like a fine wine and still holds its gripping tension throughout, getting more and more disturbed as it goes along, as the sins get deadlier and the details all the trickier to piece together.

Keeps you interested (and possibly having this face) throughout and manages to deliver with an wonderful unnerving final twenty minutes and a pay off that manages to mess with your mind as much as the main characters.

A small niggle with how Tracy's existence was handled aside (she basically disappears from the second half of the movie and is only brought back into the film for spoilery reasons that feel kinda iffy, since she didn't do much in the first half either, basically existing for set up for things to come), this is one of the most pure "great" movies I've seen recently and I highly recommend checking it out if you haven't already.

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