Spider-Man 2 ★★★★★

Tobey Maguire is too pure for this world.

He always seems so genuine in each of his roles, that's why he'll probably always be my favorite live action rendition of the titular character. What it gets right above anything else is something I didn't realize until I viewed it tonight; he's still Peter behind the mask.

Throughout his entire run as Spider-Man, he uses him as a means of Peter expressing the inner hero he's always been afraid to show off, but at the same time, the clash between the two gets in the way that effects both his personal life and the city around him.

Plus, the stories are about HIM and not everything else around him. Garfield had the misfortune of having his franchise under complete streamlined control to go in one clear direction and Holland was simple there to fill in fan service in a narrative he had no right being in (and I'm not going to bother with "Homecoming" for those wondering).

Throughout the trilogy, each of the central themes revolve around those points I brought up above, being expanded upon for various points of his life. It's a lot more human than most of what we'll probably end up getting for the next decade, which is saddening, but unsurprising as well.

Not to mention, the way Raimi plays with the camera with such a high budget is godly. He already showed talent with lower scale projects made with his friends, but once allowed to fully let loose with the realms of digital media allows him to craft angels and movements that lend their way towards some of the most iconic moments in not only comic book film history, but probably film history in general.

Sometimes I wonder if we really need entire universes of hero based films when this one already proved that the bar is reached and is hard to climb back up to for most, with some exceptions.

Thanks, Ian and Zara, for such a lovely way to spend another sleepless night....

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