The Villainess ★½

Look, you can't open your movie with a first person go pro, five minute long action sequence and then grind to a screeching halt for over *40 MINUTES* with NOTHING ELSE happening except people explaining what the fuck is supposed to be going on, only to then have you realize at around ten minutes of endless talking that you have no idea what the hell is supposed to be happening.

I knew going into this it would be plot heavy, but it'd be one thing if the plot was, you know, interesting, and not needlessly convoluted and filled to the brim with stock characters and endless padding in-between the.....idk, maybe like *FOUR* action set pieces that all last around 5 or so minutes each, in this entire *TWO HOUR LONG* movie.

As much as I tried to give a shit, at around the hour mark I just gave up and prayed that SOMETHING would happen. At least with the Asian action films I didn't enjoy that much ("Project S" and "The Raid") at least had SOMETHING to offer in the long run, and weren't, you know, TWO HOURS LONG.

Majorly disappointed. I've wanted to watch this for ages now and after hearing nothing but good things, I was ready to love it, but Jesus, what a waste of time and great action.

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