Trainspotting ★★★★½

Whether it be a liquid, a solid, a piece of entertainment, an activity, we all have our own addictions of any kind. Some worse (and more deadly/risky) than others, but the fact remains we've all had our moments of it once or twice or even still suffer with them to this day.

Sadly, it's easier to simply say you'll quit doing something you know is bad for your well being than actually doing it. Because what many overlook is something that good old Renton (Ewan McGregor) points out in the film's opening sequence; for as much as people focus on the down falls of such risks, what many always over look is the pleasure most experience when doing it.

It's in human nature for wanting to feel good in any way possible, even in small doses and if they could lead to horrible consequences in the future.

And that's where we enter the world of "Trainspotting". A group of rag tag addicts looking for pleasure through the only way they know how; lots and LOTS of drugs.

The way the film pants itself during the course of it's run time is almost akin to the sorta experience it is like being on and off drugs, mostly thanks to Danny Boyle direction.

It's surreal, off kilter, up beat, grounded, and remarkably disturbed all at the same time at completely random points. It's like a 80s drug PSA meets a really Trippy Music Video, no thanks to the set design, camera work and lighting all clashing together to create the feeling of being both on and off a really amazing and yet awful high.

At any point the film can go from breathlessly entertaining to down right disturbing, as we see our lead suffer the aftermath of taking too much in and sees how much of his addiction has driven him down a horribly dark path that he not only can't leave, but doesn't appear to want to at first.

The pleasure is too good, the nightmares are too scary, so which do you go with? Do you break away from the best experience you'll ever had all because of some bad decisions and become one of those people you openly mocked, or do you simply let yourself get lost down the rabbit hole until you can't wake back up to reality?

Most won't.....

But some will.

Picking to watch this with a friend of mine after he's been watching the trailer for it's sequel slated for next year endlessly was a great choice. "Trainspotting" is pretty much my ideal film to watch completely blind.

Great pacing, incredible acting, beautifully vulgar yet thoughtful writing, great use of mood, direction, set, angles, gripping storytelling, uncompromising messages and themes, dark undertones and overtones, people rising to their highest and then watching them fall to their lowest, only to obsessive as they pick themselves up again.

This is something I can't wait to watch again when given the chance to dive deeper into and talk more about.

It's on Netflix if you have it. So, if any of this sounds up your alley, do yourself a grand favor and give it a watch for yourself.

Bring on "T2"!

Oh, and that soundtrack? 👌👌👌👌👌

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