Waking Life ★★★

I can basically sum this up as "not my cup of tea".

For as fascinating as some of the ideas and beautiful the style were, a lot of it gets pretty tiring and borderline obnoxious with both of those very things.

But as much as I hated watching most of this (I considered shutting it off around the end of the first act), I do admit that it does improve itself as it goes along (the conversation between the main character and a red haired girl is worth watching the rest of the film for) and the final moments do offer some genuinely interesting insight into the world around us and will say that I do think it's worth watching for those with any interest in it.

Again, I don't think Linklater is for me, but I am glad I gave this a shot anyway....

(It is slightly growing on me with thought so I might give it another try sometime when I feel like I can properly get into it)

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