Turtles Can Fly

Turtles Can Fly ★★★★½

Turtles Can Fly is probably one of the most devastating depiction of the horrors of war & it's brutal effects on innocent children.
The movie takes place in a Kurdish refugee camp somewhere on the border between Turkey and Iraq just before the American invasion would begin. The narrative in this one unfolds beautifully. The film starts with a suicide of a little girl & then the film advancements are made to show us the reason which leads to the suicide. 'Love & War never go hand in hand'. I suppose the film was very cruel in proving the before mentioned line as it killed an innocent kid's affection towards a fellow girl. The characters have been kept very grounded to reality with the pain of surviving wars & loss of dear ones which is prominent on their faces. Turtles Can Fly is what I think is a contradictory metaphorical title, quite opposite of the film's nature.


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