• Three Crowns of the Sailor

    Three Crowns of the Sailor


    Crude capacity of Ruiz's artistic and visually exuberant method of storytelling conjures the underlying motifs of human emotions to indict them to prominence in an absolute distinctive atmosphere. Labyrinths of the psychologically complex human minds bind altogether to form an allegory of pure metaphorical value where Ruiz's personal point of views happen to solidify the contextual elements of sexuality, brutality and mortality in a love-child kaleidoscopic mythic construction of Cocteau and Fellini.


  • A Simple Death

    A Simple Death


    Tarkovskian framing of sequences in the brilliant literary adaptation of Tolstoy's text opens up an absolute metaphysical and philosophical depth on existentialism. Kaydanovskiy with his somber cinematic approach has raised the inevitable question of existential purpose while suspending the moments of utter void in time.


  • Earth



    Grandiose presentation of symbolism on human sorrow and perennial forces of nature gives the Soviet masterpiece a new meaning which exists on a much larger scale than that of technical innovations of the montage era. Communistic philosophies work on upholding the class oppression much like the thematics of '‘Soy Cuba’ 1964, gets written on the screen as an ode to life's sorrow and death while undertaking panoramic elemental factors to their absolute cinematic potency.


  • I Love You, Beth Cooper
  • Interrogation



    Janda's striking performance drive the politically oppressed narrative of psychological endurance on the pretext of criminal accusations. Gripping dramatic endeavors of governmental viciousness gets it's rightfully tenacious treatment in the multi elemental play of moral and political concentrations.


  • Baskin



    An extremely stylized mess of gore.


  • Pygmalion



    A critical and satiric adaptation of the Greek mythic fable in a witty and socially aware play of classes; the immortal romance tale of character refinements and brilliant developments that it is, retain an intrinsic simplicity in the delivery of it's content.


  • Destiny



    Various fragmented chapters of narrative excellence culturing the thematic richness that happens in the case to be the overpowering potency of love over death and morbidity in an utterly impressionistic way calls for the remembrance of Bergman's bleak and inevitable crudeness of death's manifesto and it's brilliant personification, 'Det sjunde inseglet' 1957 in it's own ways of dealing with the concept. ‘Der müde Tod’ acting somewhat as a folklore at moments, goes on to abide to the grandiosity of Murnau in it's structural and allegorical aspect to surprise with it's unconventionality where Lang's perfect philosophical considerations happen to be the pivot of the cinematic extravaganza.


  • Tuff Turf

    Tuff Turf


    James Spader is simply beautiful.


  • Dead Again

    Dead Again


    A melodramatic, campy and superficial murder suspense on the directorial approach of a neo noir.


  • Dream Lover

    Dream Lover


    Classic femme fatale portrayal and deceitful romances with unpredictability churns a sense of mystery throughout however the progression and playing with formulaic plots call for a better execution and revelation.


  • Eastern Promises

    Eastern Promises


    Unflinching directorial style and brutal familial premises have been the constructive motifs of the unconventional mob story of the maestro of body horror. 'Eastern Promises' is an empathetic look on humane morality, which is rather unprecedented coming from the director.