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  • Joe Hill

    Joe Hill

    The opening thirty minutes or so are very gripping and the film has moments of greatness throughout, but there's a general sense of the screenplay not really working. There's nothing wrong with a story that's somewhat episodic and ramshackle, and it could very well work here. We get to see Joe meet with the IWW and see events that would lead him to fight for worker's rights. But it often feels like there's an inherent lack of collective tissue to…

  • Avicii: True Stories

    Avicii: True Stories

    Might be the most depressing thing I've ever watched.

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  • Blow Out

    Blow Out


    I'm not allowed to watch this again for at least a year. Otherwise this would probably be the only film I ever watch.

  • Hitchcock



    Actual dialog from the film Hitchcock

    Hitchcock: In my thirty years as a director I have never found a Hitchcock blonde more beautiful than you, Alma.

    Alma: Oh, I have been waiting for thirty years to hear you say that.

    Hitchcock: That's why they call me the Master of Suspense.