She's Gotta Have It ★★★★

Trying to catch up/rewatch some of Spike’s classics  as it seems like Da 5 Bloods is going to be one of the more important films from this year (have any truly important films come out yet this year?)  This got screened during one of my film classes a few years ago but I skipped that day and somehow was still a blind spot ‘til now, figured his debut should be the first one to fill in. 

For a debut, it’s unbelievable that Spike is as self-assured as he is in She’s Gotta Have It (both as a filmmaker and an actor). The first sex scene worth Greer and Nola, the scene of Jamie leaving Nola’s house in frustration, the way he breaks the fourth wall in the third act, and many of his other bold creative choices are so unique and fit the tone of the film perfectly. It’s so clear, even for a first-time director, that you’re in the hands of a master artist and the style is so uniquely his. Really did not expect to love the Spike Lee performance so much though, esp considering I’m not the biggest fan of his Do the Right Thing effort. 

Can’t wait to catch up on some of his other films that I’ve missed, and really can’t wait for Da 5 Bloods to come out. It’s been so damn long since a new movie excited me. I fucking miss movie theaters!!!

Pandemic MVP:
crowded NYC streets, sexual freedom